02:30 PM - 03:20 PM - Marketing with Integrity – Room 120

Lisa Manyon


You’ve started your business for a reason and now it’s time to market. This is where many businesses get stuck.  Lisa Manyon “The Business Marketing Architect” provides a framework to help you get clear on 9 key areas that require your focus and dedication to get results. 

This is not a cookie cutter or paint by numbers system – it’s a framework completely customizable for YOUR business.

You’ll discover:

*Why values equal value and how your values impact sales

*The importance of your mission statement, personally and professionally

*How to powerfully tell your story to make the right connections

*Ways to attract the right clients instead of chasing the wrong ones

*The power of mapping out your magic to create money goals

*How to address the challenge of your prime prospects

without poking at pain points or using manipulative tactics

*The best way to showcase your solutions with a clear value proposition so you’re the natural choice

*How to invite people to do business with you by building genuine relationships

*The importance of sealing the deal and how sales can be easy without being salesy