2017 Event Schedule

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Registration (Lobby)

Registration will be in the lobby of the RCC/SOU Higher Education Center. The Exhibitors Hall will also be open with coffee and light refreshments sponsored by People’s Bank of Commerce.

Welcome by Commissioner Rick Dyer SBA Programs and Resources Presented by SBA Director Martin D. Golden

Andrew Gay and Brandon Givens

Jack Vitacco

Steve Spilker | This presentation will introduce the Government Contract Assistance Program (GCAP) organization to those individuals or companies interested in doing business with government agencies either directly or as a subcontractor. It will describe what services our organization offers free to local companies.

Jim Teece | Internet Marketing Ins & Outs is a refreshing and inspirational look at how to effectively get started in Internet Marketing or how to take your internet marketing strategies to the next level. Jim Teece will show real world examples in this high level, fast paced forum. 

Trever Yarrish | Join us in Room 132 for Trever Yarrish’s presentation.

Noland Alston (SOREDI), Walter Acuna (Craft3), Thomas Knox (Peoples Bank), and Dorian Corliss (on Hatch)

Leo Hull | Need help conquering that intimidating “white space” of beginning the business plan writing/creating process?  Leo’s presentation will discuss where to start, and focus on the following topics: Target Market, Purpose of the Plan, Financial Projections and Human Resource Systems. 

Rachel Koning | Most small businesses know they need to have an online presence to reach their audiences, but it takes more than “if you build it, they will come.” Why should you invest your time in social media, and why should people follow you once you do?

Brandon Kirkland | In this class, you’ll learn the essentials of e-commerce with a step by step exploration of how to create a basic, functioning e-commerce site for a small business.

John Lamy | Lean can drive serious cost out of your operation, dramatically reduce your cycle time, increase the quality of your product, and engage your folks in ways you would not have thought possible. Lean isn’t magic, and it won’t solve all your problems, but it truly is the key to Operational Excellence.

Lisa Manyon | You’ve started your business for a reason and now it’s time to market. This is where many businesses get stuck.  Lisa Manyon “The Business Marketing Architect” provides a framework to help you get clear on 9 key areas that require your focus and dedication to get results. 

Jim Teece